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  • Jeux de Cartes à collectionner !
    Magic the Gathering
    Collecting and Trading Card Games !
  • 28mm Miniatures for Gamers and Collectors
  • Hic & Nunc, Modelling Products by Via Ludibunda
    Modelling Product & Tools by Via Ludibunda

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Are you tired of always seeing the same miniatures on the gaming tables ? Would you like to paint and play with some new genuine miniatures ? You don't like plastic miniatures sold by the market leaders ? You are missing the old metal miniature ranges where each toy soldier had a different and unique look ? You would like to amaze your players with something new for your next roleplaying game ? You would like to battle on great sceneries ?

Via Ludibunda offers you unique designed 28mm miniatures, sculpted by talented artists who are also gamers !
Via Ludibunda it's also a range of resin scenery, bases and accessories for your 28mm miniatures, made by gamers for gamers !

Via Ludibunda is also an expert in Collecting and Trading Games such as Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering !

Via Ludibunda also proposes you a complete range of 3D printable scenery, a good and economical way to bring really nice and exclusive scenery to your gaming table !

And now Via Ludibunda proposes Hic & Nunc a complete range of exclusives modelling tools and products !

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